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What are the benefits of Dedicated Customer Service Team? 100% of employees’ time is dedicated to handling your company’s customer service requests; The team of specialists who truly care about your brand and do their best to offer top class customer service; Increased customer satisfaction rate.

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Our main goal is to build a customer service team your competitors will dream of having. Recruiting the right people can be one of the most tactful ways of getting your business ahead. SupportYourCustomer will help you to hire, train, manage and monitor your live chat customer service team. We do not just create your customer service plan, we create your customer service culture. The one that makes happy customers the main priority, empowers live chat agents to deliver exceptional service and creates real customer loyalty.

A great customer service team does not only answer chat requests or manages tickets. We go further and will help you to stay above competition, attract more brand ambassadors and increase the number of your happy and loyal customers. Would you like to see us in action? Visit our blog and download our Live Chat Customer Service Etiquette Cheat Sheet White Paper.

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