10 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

customer service mistakes

If your customers were not satisfied with the customer service provided they will unlikely return. Moreover, they can spread the word among their friends about your brand’s failure. It is not always necessary to attract your customers by offering them various bells and whistles. Instead, you can win their loyalty with help of awesome and memorable customer experience. However, the way to it is rocky and full of obstacles. Even one negative experience will be enough to spoil your brand reputation. In this blog post I would like to tell about most popular customer service mistakes brands make and how to avoid them. 

No self service options

Self-service is a win-win strategy for any organization. Surveys reveal that 50% of customers think it’s important to solve product or service issues themselves. Thus they expect to find knowledge base or FAQ section on a website.

If self-service options are not available or are difficult to use customers will be disappointed and their experience with your company will be spoiled. Easy to use and up to date knowledge base will improve your customer experience and facilitate your customer service workflow.

Failing to listen to customers

Your customers are your best friends who can tell you honestly where you fail and need to improve. However, if you miss their recommendations and feedback, they will stop communicating and you will lose that precious possibility to get free and fair feedback.

Too much technology involved

If your customer service team is equipped with the latest technology and uses artificial intelligence in their workflow – that’s great. However, it is easy to lose connection with your customers who expect more personalized approach and a smiling customer service agent instead of a bot.

Understaffed customer service team

Understaffing issues in the workplace lead not only to poor customer experience but also to employees stress and lost businesses. Moreover, fewer employees forced to work overtime can be more expensive than hiring additional full-time staff.

Lack of special training

Customer service agents cannot learn themselves how to respond customers and how to behave. Newcomers have little knowledge of your company culture. Thus you need to train them in the art of customer service so they could offer your customers efficient and superior assistance. Besides proper training you need to help them develop soft skills which are important in customer service.

Poor product knowledge

It is important to have strong product or service knowledge to provide excellent customer service. Customers expect fast responses and quickly fixed issues. Thus before your new customer service employees start assisting your customers you need to provide them proper product training and ensure they have all soft skills essential for providing superior customer service.

The same is applied to outsourced customer service team. It does not matter where your customer service agents are located, they should know your products and be ready to handle any type of issue your customers may experience. Otherwise this will lead to low level of customer satisfaction.

No seamless interaction between departments

The nightmare of transfers between departments can describe every third customer. It is true that one person cannot solve any type of issue and sometimes the assistance of other departments is required. However, it is important to be ready to face this challenge and know exactly who can handle the issue in your company. In this case your customer will not feel like a ball being kicked from one player to another and will have the issue quickly solved.

Hiding contact information

If you want to win loyal customers and see their positive feedback you should ensure that your customer service team is easy to reach and all channels work properly without issues. Otherwise your customers will switch to competition.

Arguing with customers

The customer is always right. If you cannot make this statement the holly truth for your team then you will lose customers with each new argument no matter whether they were right or wrong. It is important to train your team to deal with angry and fuming customers, show them how to defuse conflicts and what kind of words and phrases to use.

Failing to keep promises

If you promise your customers, ensure that you deliver on those promises. Otherwise your words will worth nothing and customers will get disappointed and stop doing business with you. If you definitely know that you will not be able to keep the promise your customer is expecting, then apologize and offer another solution. It is important to stay honest and transparent.

Customer service mistakes often happen. However, most part of them you can prevent and avoid in your workflow. You are welcome to share in the comments to this blog post the mistakes you have experienced.

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