10 Customer Service Phrases that will Save your Day

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Positive thinking is important as well as customer service phrases and words we use. According to Microsoft 96% of consumers across the globe say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Thus it is important to win customer’s trust while assisting them and solving issues. This strengthens relationship and helps earn loyalty. These 10 customer service phrases will help you stay free from conflicts and distrust, listen to customers and collaborate with them.

“I would be happy to help you with this”

By using positive phrases you show your customers that you are ready to help them. This simple trick not only helps provide better experience but also invites your clients to share their issues instead of abandoning your company.

“Great question! Let me quickly find this out for you”

Even if you don’t know an answer never say “I don’t know”. This will scare your customer away and show that you are not willing to help. Instead, try looking for a solution in your Knowledge Base or consult with your co-workers. This phrase will help you positively say your customer that you are not ready to give an answer right away but will do your best to find it quickly out.

“I understand how frustrating it may be”

Dealing with disappointed and angry customers is one of the most complicated parts of customer service job. However, instead of letting the conversation run unpredictably you can practice reflective listening and put yourself into your customer’s shoes. This approach requires you reflect customer’s thoughts and feelings while responding. Your main goal here is to make your customer feel valued and heard.

“I am truly sorry to hear about your experience”

Putting yourself into customer’s shoes is not always enough. To win customer’s trust and defuse a conflict you need to express empathy and show that you really care. From the other side, this will help your customer to calm down and describe the issue without emotional connotation. This, in turn will help you better understand the situation and provide either a solution or clear explanation.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention”

Issues happen. Thus it is important to show that you are ready to admit this and do everything to fix. There are no flawless products or services. Your customers will always find something out and will come to your customer service to report this. It is important to encourage them to do this by showing that you are ready to accept their feedback and work on improvements.

“I’d love to understand more about”

The more details you collect about the issue the better solution you will provide. Sometimes customers give not enough information in their initial request. For customer service agent it is important to start the conversation with active listening and encourage customers share all details about the issue. In case you would need to pass the problem solving to another department, your detailed description will later save time both for another specialist and your customer.

“Here is what I am going to do for you right now”

Customers may feel impatient if you keep silence after getting their complaint or issue report. By telling them what you are going to do you will acknowledge that you understood everything and are going to work on finding a solution. This customer service phrase also offers a sense of VIP treatment showing that you are going the extra mile for this customer.

“We really do appreciate your feedback”

If your customers want to speak and share their ideas, let them do this and encourage them to provide feedback. Customer feedback plays one of the most important roles in business development. Customers suggest where you need to improve and what kind of features they would like to have. Moreover, this is a free and most valuable piece of advice which will help you not only make your products or service better but also win new customers and earn their loyalty.

“As much as I would love to help”

This is a polite way to say no when customer’s request is not feasible. There are situations when you just cannot give a positive response and provide whatever your customer requests. However, just saying no will sound abrupt or blunt, especially when your customer is polite and sincere. This type of response will show that you’d really love to help, but it’s just not possible in that situation.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

This phrase is especially useful in live chat when for some reason your customer left the chat room open and stepped away or switched to other tasks. In this case this will sound as a polite reminder that you are still here and would be happy to help. If there has been no response for some time, you can say goodbye and close the chat room.

There are also situations when answers were not helpful enough and some issues remained unresolved. This way you let your customers know that the door is open and you are ready to assist them

Words can change our brain and every word and phrase you say matters. In their book Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman describe 12 main strategies which can help resolve conflicts, build trust and increase intimacy. In their research scientists discovered a valuable Compassionate Communication strategy which allows us to create special bond with whoever we speak. What kind of customer service phrases do you use while communicating with customers? You are welcome to share them in the comments to this blog post.

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