10 Phrases that Help Improve Live Chat Customer Service

Your customers are the reason why you are still in business and your main task is to provide them excellent customer service and make their experience with your brand smooth and pleasant. Experts always say that customer is the king and customer service is one of the key aspects that will affect a sale,  and it’s especially true for smaller businesses. In our previous posts we have already touched this topic and today would like to talk about repeatable phrases which can enhance your personal replies and make providing great customer service easier. Here we have put together a list of phrases that will improve your live chat customer service.   

“Great question, I’ll find that out for yourself”

Even if you don’t know the answer yourself, you still can find it with help of your co-workers, documentation or Internet. By saying “I don’t know” you will spoil the customer experience and make the biggest mistake ever. However, if you keep focus on what will be done to get the answer, your customer will not mind waiting for you to provide the right solution. Also avoid making assumptions or guessing for a customer. Your main task is to find the exact answer, so just do that.

“It’s my pleasure”

If your main task is to make customer experience smooth and pleasant and you do this with a smile on your face, you are on the right way to offer the best service possible. And what is better way to let someone know that you enjoy assisting them than by wring it’s your pleasure?

“I absolutely agree with you”

There are lots of situations where you can use this simple and polite phrase. If your customer is complaining, this way you will show your empathy. If your customer is describing you a new feature and its future positive impact on sales, you can agree by using this expression. Just don’t underestimate the power of a little confirmation.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention”

If your customers notice a bug or design issue, express your gratitude, instead of saying that you are aware of that. Ensure that the issue will be fixed shortly and you appreciate your customer’s desire to make your products or services better.

“I’d love to understand more about…”

Your customer cares about two things – having the issue resolved or question answered and getting this in a timely manner. However, your task is also to identify the root cause of this question or issue and make improvements based on this feedback.

Whenever you try to understand customer’s situation better, you let them know that you care and are ready to listen to them.

“Let me quickly read through the conversation”

Quite often support conversation needs to be handled by several team members. In this case your main task is to let your customer know that there is no need to repeat the issue several times. The transfer should be smooth without the necessity to waste time on explaining things again and again.

“I’m sorry, my shift is over, let me invite my co-worker [NAME] to assist you further”

Shift changeover may become an awkward situation both for a customer and customer support representative. For a customer support agent the closer is the time to go home, the stronger is the desire to close the conversation. However, your customer does not care and wants to have the issue solved. In this case you need to transfer the conversation and make this process smooth and painless for your customer.

“I appreciate your patience”

While solving an issue you may need to ask your customers to wait on hold. They did not have to wait but they chose to, thus show your appreciation of their patience.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

There can be two situations when you need to use this phrase:

  1. For some reason after your answer the customer keeps silence and does not confirm if the issue has been solved. This unfortunately happens on live chat. You need to ensure that your customer got things right and the issue was resolved.
  2. You have doubts if you understood the issue and provided the right solution. With help of this expression you give your customers a chance to let you know if anything remains unresolved.

“What I am doing for you now is…”

This phrase helps to build rapport and is important if you need to explain your customer the course of actions. Your customer has the right to know what you are going to do to solve the issue.

What positive words and phrases do you use while providing live chat customer service? You are welcome to share them in the comments to this blog post

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