10 Powerful Words and Phrases to Say to Angry Customers

powerful words to say to angry customers

Dealing with angry and disappointed customers is part of any customer service workflow. Not always customers are happy and satisfied. Sometimes we have to face frustration and disappointment. What to say to angry customers and how to deal with them should know any customer support agent. This skill is must have for any person who works in customer service. In this blog post I would like to share most powerful words and phrases which will help to deal with angry customers and defuse any conflict. 

Let’s work together to find a solution.

The best way to defuse a conflict is not only to show your sincere desire to assist but also to look for the best solution with your customer. By working together you will develop that unique relationship between a customer and customer support agent.

Could you provide me more details about this issue?

The more details about the issue you get the better you will be able to assist. There is no harm in asking for clarification if you do not understand the issue. However, if you pretend that you understand and will not be able to provide the right solution, your customer will stay angry and will spread the word about your terrible customer service.

If I understand correctly…

That is another way of clarifying the issue to avoid misunderstandings. Time is the most precious source we have. As a matter of fact, your customers will appreciate your desire to see the heart of the problem without wasting their time on useless solutions which may become the result of misunderstanding.

Please accept our apology for this trouble.

Even the angriest customers will be glad to hear your sincere apology. However ensure that you take actions to fix the situation. Otherwise such apology will be worthless. Your angry customers expect to be treated with respect. Thus meet that expectation, apologize and provide the right solution.

You have a right to be upset.

If you put yourself into your customer’s shoes, you will understand that they have a right to be upset. By acknowledging this you will show not only empathy but also respect to their feelings in that stressful situation.

I know who can help you.

Even if you cannot help try to find the person in your company who will do this and invite that person in charge to assist further. Never transfer your angry customer to other departments without knowing exactly that they will be able to solve the issue.

Pleas let me know if this solution works for you.

After providing the solution, ensure that it works for your customer and wait for the feedback. This way you will show that you are the person who wants to have the issue fixed and ensure that everything is fine.

Let me quickly describe what we can do now.

Before you start giving recommendations or providing a solution, describe quickly what you can do for your customer. Finding the solution may take some time and in the meanwhile your customer will stay impatient. To avoid this and ensure that everyone stays calm describe your customer what you are going to do.

I will take care of this right away.

That is another way of ensuring your customer that you are going to take care of the issue and will start looking for a solution right away. No matter how irate your customer is, your sincere desire to help will defuse the situation. Properly said phrase may save the day both for you and your customer.

Thank you.

There cannot be too many “Thank you” if you deal with angry customers. This positive phrase will help to show your deep appreciation. Your customer allowed you to find a solution or fix the issue. This is a possibility to improve not only your customer service workflow but also your business. That is what you thank your customers for.

Your most irate customers are those customers you love most of all. They help your company improve and give you their valuable feedback.

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