10 Tips to Improve your Customer Service Team Performance

Customer Service Team Performance

With spring in the air everyone wants to change something not only at home but also in life and business. It’s time of thorough cleaning and exploring new opportunities. Together with nature people wake up and start preparing to spring holidays or planning their vacation. It’s time for your business to boost.

Ask yourself, what is the most important thing you can do to improve your customer relationship? The answer is obvious: improve your customer service and customer experience. Your customer service team is the face of your company. If you want your customers to like you, you need to deliver best quality customer service and constantly improve.

Improve your customer service skills

In fact, according to a study by Walker, by 2020, customers will value experiences more than prices and products, and 86% of shoppers will spend more for a better customer experience. To start offering excellent customer service and customer experience you need to make your customers happy and approach proactively instead of waiting for them to come with their issues.

  • Good and clear communication skills: the people who are part of your customer service team should possess not only excellent communication skills but should also use positive language and avoid negativity. Ending the conversation on a negative note is the worst thing that can happen. Train your employees to behave properly in stressful situations, stay calm and use positive language.
  • Empathy and patience: different customers come to your support and it is important for customer service reps to deal with issues in a calm manner and express their sincere empathy. This helps to create that unique connection between a customer and customer service agent.
  • Ability to listen: active listening helps to motivate customers to tell more about the issue and provide the details which will describe the problem and help solve it fast and efficiently.
  • Better product knowledge: the better your team knows your products the higher will be the quality of your customer service. They will not waste time on consulting with more experienced employees or looking for an answer in the knowledge base.
  • Value your customers’ time: it is important to understand that time is the most precious thing we have. If you value your customers’ time and provide them fast and efficient customer service, they will feel grateful and share their positive review or feedback. This in turn will have positive impact on the agent’s performance and office atmosphere.

Bring a fresh look to your website and live chat

Your customers and employees will be happy to see something new in your website design, products or services. Such changes not only help to increase sales, but also motivate customer service agents to provide better customer service.

You can also personalize the look and feel of your live chat by adding your agents’ images and a greeting message. Customers will be pleased to chat in a friendly environment and this will help to solve their issues faster and increase productivity.

Respond quickly

Customers expect fast responses, they value their time and hope you will do the same. Thus if they have to wait for a long time, they will feel disappointed and annoyed. Organize your customer service workflow to reduce customer waiting time and have enough employees online to assist your customers. Proper training will also help to improve performance and provide fast responses.

Turn negative feedback into positive

Negative feedback is a favor your customers do for your business. Look at it from this point of view and improve based on the provided feedback. Never leave it without any response. Let your customers know that you understand your weak sides and explain what you are going to do to improve.

Listen to your customers

If you carefully and attentively listen to your customers, you will find out what they actually think about your products or services and what kind of actions you need to take to make them better. Train your team to collect feedback and discuss customers’ issues with them on your daily meetings. This way you will create the right product development strategy.

Tell your customers about your brand

Offer your customers knowledge related to your products or services. Your customer service team should not only quickly respond but also stay proactive and help your customers understand how to take the most out of your products or services. Powerful knowledge base as well as educational blog posts will improve the overall customer experience and will allow your customers to keep useful information at their fingertips.

Don’t be afraid to take responsibility

In case of customer complaints train your team to take responsibility no matter whose fault it was. For customers it does not matter who made a mistake. The main concern in this situation is how fast the issue will be resolved.

Go the extra mile

For building really strong and fruitful relationships with customers you’d need to offer them something out-of-the-box and make them not only satisfied but pleasantly surprised. Shaun Belding provides great examples of really outstanding customer service in his book The Journey to WOW and describes those emotions of real customer surprise and pleasure.

Track your customer service team performance

Performance tracking is one of the most important parts of customer service team management. However, bare figures do not show the real picture. Some of cases were complicated and took more time to resolve while other cases were simple and customer service agents provided fast assistance. On the other side, there are happy customers and customers in bad mood, thus the satisfaction scores are not always the real scores for provided customer service level. Keep this in mind while analyzing statistics and talk to your team about most complicated cases.

Reward most successful customer service agents

Definitely there are customer service stars in your team who shine and make everyone around them happy. They deserve award and thank you posts on social media. Your customers will see that you value their favorite customer service reps. This in turn will motivate your team for better performance.

I hope these tips will help you improve your customer service team performance and provide excellent customer service. You are welcome to share your motivation tips in the comments to this blog post.

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  1. Learning new ways to improve your customer service is necessary for keeping your customer’s trust and positive feedback to the product or services you offer. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips I can use on our lovely customers.

  2. This tips are very helpful to improve our ways in customer service and gain more trust from them. I am glad that you shared this article to us and let us learn some of your tips that could really help us.

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