12 Tips for Successful Customer Service Training

successful customer service training

“Customer service is not a department. It is a philosophy to be embraced by every employee – from the CEO to the most recently hired.” – Shep Hyken

For any customer-centric company any employee should understand the real importance of customer service and their role in it. Otherwise there will be neither proper attitude to customers nor benefit for business. All departments together create the customer experience.  However, a single customer service team cannot make it and thus pleasant experience after communication with customer service may be easily spoiled by communication with another department. Our tips for successful customer service training will help you provide smooth customer experience and make your company really customer-centric.

All departments play important role in customer experience

In many cases customers decide not to continue doing business with a company after unpleasant customer experience. Even if they had a nice conversation with a customer service team but afterwards faced issues with other departments, they will feel unsatisfied and will hardly stay loyal.

Thus your main task is to train all departments to cooperate and provide smooth customer experiences throughout the whole customer journey, from the moment a prospect starts looking for an item on the Internet and after successful purchase.

Provide proper product training

The better your team knows the product the faster they assist your customers and the higher satisfaction rate they receive. Without proper product training your customer support agents will waste both time of their supervisors and customers. This will turn into additional customer service costs and unhappy customers.

Comprehensive knowledge base

Definitely there cannot be proper training without a comprehensive knowledge base. Moreover, it should contain not only basic information about your products or services but also description of most common and most complicated customer service cases.

Angry customers keep your team fit

Angry customers in most cases bring stress and require additional effort for solving issues. Yet they keep your team fit and encourage them to improve their communication and problem solving  skills. It is important to train your team to deal with irate customers, develop such important soft skills as listening, patience and empathy.

Customer complaints give you competitive advantage

Customer complaints show your weak sides and where your competitors are better. By collecting and analyzing such complaints, you will be able to develop the right customer experience strategy and improve your products and services.

Developing essential soft skills

Customer service requires definite soft skills and proper training to develop them. Such type of training is essential if you want your team to provide excellent customer service, be able to listen to your customers and reply them in a polite and professional manner.

Effective communication

While communicating with customers it is important to listen, read between lines, predict further questions and properly ask questions. Such skills can be developed only with help of soft skills training and customer communication experience. During the training allow your future customer service agents to read or listen to real transcripts and learn from real customer support cases.

Positive thinking is your power

Positive thinking in customer service is essential to keep your customers happy and customer service agents healthy and satisfied with their job. This type of thinking will help your team effectively deal with angry customers and decrease the stress level. Yet, this is your chance to make the day of people you communicate with and charge them with your positive thinking.

Take advantage of customer feedback

When leaving a feedback or a review your customers tell you what they like and dislike about your company. They help you to fix issues and become better. For your customer service agents it is vital to learn how to encourage your customers to provide a feedback.

The customer is always right

Strong customer service training always starts with this statement. The main task is to ensure your customers are not lost in your customer service and get whatever they need fast. As a result this ensures pleasant customer experience and high satisfaction rate.

Get to know your customers better

Every time your customers post reviews or tell about their experience, they help you understand them better and improve your company customer experience. The main in successful customer service training is an ability to learn customers’ intentions and proactively assist them. This involves not only customer behavior analysis but also analysis of their issues and questions they ask. Thus it is important to train your customer service team to collect this information and share it with marketing and sales teams, improve knowledge base and website content.

Practice brain storms

Complicated and unpleasant cases often happen in customer service workflow. However, the way your team deals with them shows their real customer service training level. It is important to discuss such cases and look for the best solution. This both improves employees relationship and their training level. Additionally, you will see the real customer service starts who think out-of-the box and are ready to go the extra mile for your customers.

Did our tips for successful customer service training help you improve your customer service experience? Share your story in the comments to this blog post.

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  1. My husband and I are starting a business in the future, so I wanted some tips on customer satisfaction. I didn’t think about product training, but that could help reduce frustration with your employees and customers when there’s proper info about your product always ready to use. I’ll have to find a program that could train my husband and me on customer service, thanks to this post!

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