5 Ways Customer Complaints Can Help your Business

In my previous blog posts I have already touched the problem of complaining customers. However, can we call this a problem? I would say it’s a gift or a courtesy. Not all customers who have had terrible customer experience complain. Most of them just share that experience on social media. On the one hand this harms your business reputation and on the other hand this does not bring your customers any satisfaction. Though it may seem ridiculous, but you can easily take benefit from those negative reviews and direct complaints you receive from your customers. So, first of all you need to ensure that: 

  1. You monitor social media for your brand mentions and your team checks every post where your brand name was mentioned.
  2. Your customers can easily complain and it will not take them hours to listen to your IVR or fill out long forms.
  3. All customer complaints are processed by your team and are not lost among unimportant correspondence.
  4. Your company has a separate department that handles complaints and monitors customer satisfaction rate.

If you do not miss a single feedback and monitor all brand mentions, check the following ways how customer complaints can help your business:

Eliminate your customer service weak sides

You definitely know your business strong sides. However, have you ever tried to improve where you are not perfect? While complaining your customers highlight key areas where you need to improve. Just listen to them, collect accurately the information they provide and you will see the whole picture. Customer complaints will also show you the situations you can approach proactively to avoid similar issues in future.

Find out where competitors are better

While complaining some of your customers will tell you about your competitors’ advantages. This information is precious and the source is trusted. Just do not lose your chance to use it and make your products or services better.

A chance to improve products quality

Definitely, it is always hard to acknowledge the fact that your service fails or products require improvements. However, if you hear this from your customers, this means they give you a chance to fix issues. Moreover, you can turn such complaints into positive reviews after providing solutions or improving based on negative feedback.

A marketing advantage of well-resolved customer complaints

The word-of-mouth effect can help you to build positive reputation that not only creates loyal customers but also draws in new ones. If you constantly monitor social media for complaints and then quickly resolve them to customers’ satisfaction, you can easily create positive reputation for your brand and show that you really care about your customers.

Show you where you need to improve your customer service agents training

If you get complaints on low quality of support provided by your customer support agents or there are individuals who get always low rates, you need to revise your customer service training plan. It often happens that such things remain unnoticed until your customers open your eyes.

There are different types of customers service agents – those who are always self motivated and have genuine customer-friendly attitude and those who need additional motivation as otherwise they stay indifferent and do not care about customers. Depending on the character traits and soft skills your team possesses you need to create the training strategy that will help enthusiastic agents grow and keep other team members motivated to improve their customer service level.

Today any honest feedback on your business matters more than ever as lots of customers rely on opinion of their family members, friends and even complete strangers while making purchase decisions. By complaining your customers help you to improve and make your business more competitive. You are welcome to share in the comments to this post how customer complaints helped your business to succeed.

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  • It is an excellent advice to improve our service through customer relations. Indeed complaints shouldn’t be seen as an impediment or inconvenience but a mirror to help the organisation to improve the services.

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