5 Ways Negative Feedback Can Lead to Great Success in Customer Service

negative feedback

Any negative feedback can be turned into positive and can give a good advantage for your business. When your customers leave a review they want to express what they liked or what they didn’t. Negative feedback shows you where you need to improve and in future will let you win more customers and provide better service than your competitors. It contains too much information to be ignored. However, you need to learn how to filter the junk data from the good data in order to improve. 

It is important to react to any type of review, no matter whether it praises your company or criticizes. Your customers are those people who can make or break your business. This is the fact you need to accept. Without them your business will never succeed. So, your main goal is not only to provide excellent customer experience, but also to listen to your customers and improve. The good news, though, is that there are proven ways to handle negative feedback.

Stay calm and confident

Whatever you say, ensure that your response is sincere and respectful. By showing your irritation you will make your customers think that you do not value their feedback. On the other side, if you thank for the feedback and explain what kind of actions you are going to take to improve, your customers will appreciate this and will wait for an outcome. Definitely, they will be happy with provided experience and will give you a positive review after they see that you have listened and improved based on their feedback. In our Customer Service Survival Cheat Sheet you will find lots of useful phrases that will help you to stay calm and confident.

Negative feedback is always an opportunity to improve

Whenever your customers point your mistakes or weak sides out you have a unique chance to grow. Never lose that opportunity. Even if the feedback is negative, this is the way your customers engage with you. However, you need to be careful as such type of feedback is not that easy to deal with. Here are our tips and tricks:

  • If your customers were wrong, correct them. Do this with respect and never lose a chance to persuade existing and new customers that you are the best in your business niche.
  • Provide immediate response showing that you heard.
  • Never justify yourself. Just accept everything said by your customers and explain how you are going to improve. It is not easy but this way you will let your customers know that you are open to new suggestions.

Learn from negative reviews

By analyzing what your customers say about your company, you will learn what they expect from you and what you need to do to become better. Additionally, if you start interacting with clients who say you are not perfect, you have an opportunity to get valuable recommendations and pieces of advice. Your customers are your best source of learning. And if you listen to them, they in turn will help your business grow.

Reply to any kind of feedback

No matter how difficult it is to hear something not pleasant, you need to acknowledge that you are not perfect and there are always shortcomings your customers will see and draw your attention to. If you can respond to such type of feedback with positivity and humor, they will appreciate this and will definitely continue doing business with you.

Show that you listened

It is not enough just to implement the feature your customers requested or improve based on a negative review. You need to follow up and tell your customers about what has been done and how their feedback helped your company to become better. By establishing such a connection you can win not only customers’ loyalty, but also create a community of your brand advocates. Here are the best ways to notify your customers about your improvements:

  • Write posts on social media
  • Create a blog article or a case study
  • Send newsletter
  • Thank customers personally

The way you handle negative feedback shows your customers whether you listen to them or not. They write you when they want to be heard and if you close your door, they will start looking for a company open to their suggestions. Any negative review will give you an opportunity to turn it into positive experience and improve. Never lose an opportunity to show your customers that you really listen and care. We would appreciate if you share in comments how you handle negative feedback in your company.

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