7 Positive Facts about Customer Complaints

customer complaint

Not always poor customer service leads to customer complaints. There can be other issues behind this. In fact, according to NewVoiceMedia faced with poor customer service

  • 39% of respondents indicated they’d never use the offending company again
  • 37% would change suppliers
  • 36% would write a complaint email/letter 
  • 28% would post an online review
  • 26% would complain publicly via social media
  • 13% would tell friends and colleagues not to use the company
  • 10% would inform the media

Thus those customers who complain give you a chance to fix the damage made and improve. However, if you keep ignoring customer complaints and continue providing poor customer service, your brand will soon become famous for its bad reputation.

Customer complaint is the best source of learning

When customers complain they say where you failed and yet lots of businesses miss this precious opportunity to learn what exactly went wrong. The following tips will help you to track all complaints and take advantage of them.

  • Monitor social media channels and respond to any type of feedback, both positive and negative
  • Respond to all complaints sent by email, provided on phone or live chat
  • Analyze negative feedback
  • Create improvement plan based on customer complaints
  • Follow up with customers who complained

Most customers don’t complain, they silently leave

Though you may find this fact positive, it conceals more negativity. For every customer who complains, there are 26 customers who don’t say anything. Thus you need to be happy whenever you get a complaint which will help you investigate everything and fix the issue. Most complaining customers are happy to cooperate and help you resolve the issue. However, you need to ensure that such customers will be heard:

  • Offer easily accessible feedback form
  • Enable post chat surveys
  • Follow up on all complaints left through voice mail
  • Respond to complaints posted on social media channels
  • Never leave complaints posted on Twitter for tomorrow, respond to them immediately. Otherwise they will be lost

A complaint is your chance to improve

If you track and analyze customer complaints, you can improve your product or service to avoid such issues in future. Successfully resolved complaint is not just a fixed issue, it’s a chance to win your loyal customer who will see that you care and will spread the word about this.

Successfully resolved complaints retain most part of customers

Statistics show that 60 to 70 percent of customers will do business with a company again if it deals with a customer service issue fairly even if the result is not in their favor. Thus responding and resolving customer complaints is really important, no matter how stressful it may be for customer support team.

Opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a loyal one

If you respond to a complaint and resolve an issue, you will have a chance to win this customer. Customer loyalty is something you cannot purchase. Only by providing excellent customer service you will retain your customers. Whenever your customers complain, they give you an opportunity to win their loyalty. Those who don’t complain just silently leave. Thus you can consider each complaint as your chance to earn customer loyalty.

You can turn negative into positive

If you successfully resolve customer complaint, you can get a positive feedback and share it with your customers showing that you care and respond to complaints. Whenever you get a negative review or complaint, this does not mean an intention to show how bad you are. This is your chance to improve and get a positive review.

Complaints are your marketing opportunities

Each complaint after its successful resolution can become a positive word-of-mouth marketing recommendation. Few customers expect a company to be complaint free. However, if you show your professionalism during their resolution, you can retain not only your loyal customers but also win new ones, who will see that you really care.

The key to transforming customer complaints into opportunities lies in thorough analysis and proper complaints handling. Did customer complaints help to improve your business? Share your story in the comments to this blog post.

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