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Olga is a customer service expert and owner at Supportyourcustomer.com. She is writer and blogger on customer service and customer experience excellence.

Effortless customer experience

How to Provide Effortless Customer Experience During the Pandemic?

While businesses started opening back, this does not mean everything will be again as usual. To survive, brands will need to adapt their customer experience to changes in shopping behaviors. There is no going back to how it was anytime soon. The resent McKinsey research shows that consumers prefer stay-at-home purchases and do not hurry back to malls and brick-and-mortar stores.

Retailers offering effortless customer experience start winning new customers and quickly adapt to new market rules. On the other side, without seamless and simple e-commerce experience it is hard to keep customers looking for safe online shopping. These 3 ideas will help businesses deliver effortless customer experience during COVID-19 pandemic: Read More »How to Provide Effortless Customer Experience During the Pandemic?

chatbots vs live chat agent

Chatbots: their Advantages and Disadvantages

People got used to make online shopping whenever it is convenient for them and expect to receive fast and efficient customer service. According to the State of Chatbots Report, 2018 55% of respondents say they would most enjoy getting an instant response and answers to simple questions from a chatbot. This allows them get an immediate answer instead of looking for it in a knowledge base. And still 43% of people prefer to deal with a real-life assistant than a chatbot. Let us try understand why this happens and what are advantages and disadvantages of chatbots. Read More »Chatbots: their Advantages and Disadvantages

creativeness in customer service

How to Achieve Creativeness in Customer Service

“Customer service is not a department, it must be practiced at all levels of the company” – Shep Hyken

When I started my first job as a customer service representative, I had to follow strict policies and had a long list of instructions. Just a few companies focused on creativeness in customer service at that time. Many years have passed and a lot has changed since then. First of all this is the importance of customer service. Now companies need to put the customer first and provide excellent experience if they want to stand out from the competition. In addition, customer service agents are empowered with various tools which both facilitate and streamline their workflow. They can faster and better assist customers with help of technology and follow them throughout the whole journey.Read More »How to Achieve Creativeness in Customer Service

Happy employees lead to happy customers, image from rawpixel.com

Happy Employees Make Happy Customers: How to Achieve This

Every modern business no matter their size is turning head towards customers. The main goal is making a customer central to all business policies as well as processes. However, customer centricity does not mean just making customers happy. This is about changing and improving company’s bottom line and focusing on customer needs during the whole customer journey.

In fact, a research by Deloitte reveals that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable compared to companies that do not focus on the customer. Read More »Happy Employees Make Happy Customers: How to Achieve This

Quotations for positive thinking Image from rawpixel.com

10 Customer Service Quotations for Positive Thinking

Sometimes working in customer service may seem extremely draining. However, if everything is managed right it may become one of the most exciting and gratifying jobs. Whenever your customers complain you can see this as an opportunity to improve. In case of angry customers, you have a chance to test your communication and listening skills and develop your own experience of dealing with difficult clients. There can be positive in each complicated case, especially when you feel that sense of completion when you have managed to help. These 10 customer service quotations for positive thinking will help you never afraid of complicated cases and inspire to provide excellent assistance. Read More »10 Customer Service Quotations for Positive Thinking

customer service phrases, Image from rawpixel.com

10 Customer Service Phrases that will Save your Day

Positive thinking is important as well as customer service phrases and words we use. According to Microsoft 96% of consumers across the globe say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Thus it is important to win customer’s trust while assisting them and solving issues. This strengthens relationship and helps earn loyalty. These 10 customer service phrases will help you stay free from conflicts and distrust, listen to customers and collaborate with them. Read More »10 Customer Service Phrases that will Save your Day

How to save customer relationship

How to Save Customer Relationship when you Made a Mistake

Mistakes happen even to the best of us. However, what are you going to do about it? First thing you need to apologize to your customer. Yet, this is not enough. A sincere apology will not save your client relationship. It will just help you make the first step toward sorting things out. In this blog post I will share most valuable tips which will show how to apologize to your customers and what to do to save customer relationship in face of a mistake. Read More »How to Save Customer Relationship when you Made a Mistake

6 Tips on Asking your Customers for Feedback

6 Tips on Asking your Customers for Feedback

Every time your customers interact with your company you can collect their feedback and take advantage of it. Customer feedback is a valuable source which will help you improve not only customer experience but also your products or services. Your users definitely know what they want and they will be glad to share their ideas with you. However, it is important to ask them properly to avoid confusion and misleading questions. Keep reading to find out 6 tips on asking your customers for feedback. Read More »6 Tips on Asking your Customers for Feedback

How Customer Service and Marketing can Work Together

How Customer Service and Marketing can Work Together

Customer service and marketing have more in common than we used to think. While marketing department focuses on bringing new customers, the main task of customer service department is to retain them. According to Kolsky 11% of customer churn could be avoided if the business simply reached out to the customer. Moreover, statistics by Gartner shows that churn can increase by up to 15% if businesses fail to respond to customers over social media. This information shows how important is close collaboration of customer service and marketing. Keep reading to learn how both these departments can work together to achieve mutual goals and improve customer experience. Read More »How Customer Service and Marketing can Work Together

successful customer service training

12 Tips for Successful Customer Service Training

“Customer service is not a department. It is a philosophy to be embraced by every employee – from the CEO to the most recently hired.” – Shep Hyken

For any customer-centric company any employee should understand the real importance of customer service and their role in it. Read More »12 Tips for Successful Customer Service Training