Best Christmas Customer Service Tips

With Christmas just around the corner it is time to prepare your customer service team for the busiest shopping season of the year. Though Christmas is the time of miracles and wonderful holiday spirit, it may become a nightmare for retailers and customers searching for special gifts. Shep Hyken shared a wonderful Christmas story about really special customer experience an elderly woman had had. It may inspire you to rethink your customer support strategy and focus on your customers. Our Christmas customer service tips will help you with this. 

Stay Positive

Christmas is stressful time both for customers and retailers. However, if your team stays positive and provides memorable customer service experience, this may defuse tension and create a pleasant atmosphere. Even if your customer service agents assist your customers by phone, live chat or email, tension may be detected in the voice or correspondence. Your positivity is the main asset during a Christmas rush.

Be Honest

Lots of customers are shopping for best deals during this time. They are looking not only for gifts but also for discounts and Christmas offers. At the same time they have a very busy schedule and value every minute of their time. If you develop a strategy which will help to save your customers’ time, this will definitely increase not only your sales but also your customer satisfaction rate. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Be honest about delivery time and cost.
  • Offer related products. You can do this with help of related products widget available with your e-commerce software.
  • Do not compensate discounts by overpricing other products.

Take care of your customer support team

Taking into account the fact that holidays are the busiest period, businesses hire seasonal employees and invest into technology that will help to automate customer support process. By introducing new technology you will not only facilitate your customer support process during the Christmas rush but will also help to improve it in future. The less time your team spends on minor tasks which can be automated the better customer service they will provide while solving really complicated cases.

Create special Christmas spirit

Christmas is the time of miracles, holiday spirit and expectation of something incredible. Take a look at your store from customer’s perspective and consider putting Christmas decorations to create special holiday spirit. Christmas greetings and nice pictures of your customer service team will not only improve customer experience but will also create that real holiday atmosphere.

Send your greetings to your loyal customers

Your loyal customers will be glad to shop for Christmas gifts in your store, especially if you do not forget to greet them and send special offers. While a simple greeting card and loyalty bonus seems something insignificant, it may become a pleasant surprise for your customers.

Help your customers to make Christmas special by making their purchasing experience smooth and pleasant. You are welcome to share your Christmas customer service tips in the comments to this blog post.

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