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8 Reasons Your Customers Don’t Post Reviews

HubSpot Research found that customers trust recommendations from friends and family over any type of online marketing and advertising your brand can create. Thus customer reviews are important more than ever today. Positive reviews help to create your brand reputation and attract new customers. At the same time negative reviews show how you can resolve issues and handle complaints.  […]

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5 Ways Customer Complaints Can Help your Business

In my previous blog posts I have already touched the problem of complaining customers. However, can we call this a problem? I would say it’s a gift or a courtesy. Not all customers who have had terrible customer experience complain. Most of them just share that experience on social media. On the one hand this harms your business reputation and on the other hand this does not bring your customers any satisfaction. Though it may seem ridiculous, but you can easily take benefit from those negative reviews and direct complaints you receive from your customers. So, first of all you need to ensure that:  […]

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How to Be Successful in Customer Service? Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself and Your Employees

Do you know what customers say about your service and company? Do they like you? If you know the answer to these questions, this means you have your customer success strategy and do not need to worry. However, if you have no idea what customers think about your company and customer service you provide you need to change your customer success strategy urgently. In this blog post we outlined the main points you need to consider when rebuilding your company customer success strategy. Here is our checklist:  […]

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How to Inspire Your Customer Support Department for Better Performance

Inspiration is a driving force of your customer support department. When new employees come on board they feel inspired and inspiration is guiding them. In this case the outcome is incredible. However, when you notice the team gets exhausted and you need constantly keep them motivated, stop and rethink your strategy. Motivation is not the same as inspiration. Moreover, it is quite difficult to keep that state of inspiration your team has had at the beginning. So how to deal with this? Consider trying different strategies to inspire your customer support department and get better performance. […]

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7 Proven Ways to Motivate Customer Service Representatives

Your customer service representatives are your company’s face and voice. So the job they do should be superior and of the highest quality. Otherwise, your customers will feel that there is something wrong and will think twice before doing business with you. Happy employees are equal to happy customers.

However, sometimes they start out excited to help others, but after a few months that initial enthusiasm vanishes. There are lots of reasons why this happens. Here are some of them:  […]

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5 Tips for Building your Customer Experience Strategy in your Company

Lets first of all define the difference between customer experience and customer service. While customer service just covers communication with customers, customer experience refers to the sum of every interaction a customer has with a business. If you provide excellent customer service, this does not mean your customers will be happy and totally satisfied while interacting with your company. There lots of factors that impact this and cannot be ignored while developing your company customer experience strategy. Here they are:  […]

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5 Ways Negative Feedback Can Lead to Great Success in Customer Service

Any negative feedback can be turned into positive and can give a good advantage for your business. When your customers leave a review they want to express what they liked or what they didn’t. Negative feedback shows you where you need to improve and in future will let you win more customers and provide better service than your competitors. It contains too much information to be ignored. However, you need to learn how to filter the junk data from the good data in order to improve.  […]

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Customer Service Survival Cheat Sheet: 10 Phrases that Defuse Any Conflict with a Client

Whatever you say or write will make or break the customer service experience. Not much is needed to start a conflict. However, it may take too much effort to defuse it. Instead of devolving a conversation into shouting and arguing, you can have a fruitful discussion and win loyal customers who will become your brand advocates. Would you like to know how? Here are 10 defusing phrases that will help to avoid conflicts, win more loyal customers and brand advocates.  […]

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12 Phrases to Avoid in Customer Service

According to Esteban Kolsky, if the customers are not satisfied, 13% of them will tell to 15 or even more people that they are unhappy. On the other hand, 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people. However, there are still lots of customers who remain silent and do not share any negative feedback. This, in turn, prevents businesses from improving their customer service level.

We need to be careful with what we say and what we do not say. Right or wrong, many customer service agents don’t even know when they say a word or use a tone that may offend. Even professionals overlook phrases that can potentially turn off customers. Here are 12 phrases you should never say to customers[…]

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5 Customer Service Training Tips

Customer service offers companies a competitive advantage that cannot be copied or reproduced. Customers get attracted by unique customer service culture and this becomes in most cases more important than quality or price. Even if your products are of super high quality, but you do not care about your customers, they will sooner or later switch to competition.

Nowadays customer service agents handle not only customer service requests, they are customer advocates. The gap between customer service reps of the past and modern specialists grows wider and wider. This is no longer an entry-level position. Today this is an opportunity to build a career in any company, no matter how big and famous it is.  […]