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listening to your customers

Are you Actually Listening to Your Customers?

Various surveys and feedback from customers can really help improve your products or services as well as customer experience level. However, do you really pay attention to all details your customers provide you? Or you just collect feedback because your competitors do? In fact, a Walker study found that by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. An ability to listen to your customers and develop really customer-centric company culture should be your main priority if you wish to stand out from competition. […]

live chat conversation tone

How to Set the Right Live Chat Conversation Tone

Personalization together with a friendly and natural tone are key to the great live chat experience. While chatting with your customers online only your conversation tone can make the right impression and either create memorable customer experience or end the interaction on a negative note. However, not only words and phrases you use matter, your chat window should have a user friendly design and work from any device. Let us examine a couple of cases which will help to set the right live chat conversation tone. […]

customer loyalty

The Top Reasons Your Customers Don’t Love You

Your customers chose your brand and products. However, something gets in the way of the perfect relationship they want. According to Yotpo 51% of consumers said poor product/quality might lose their loyalty and 23% said poor customer service. At the same time 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences. In this blog post we will sum up what creates customer loyalty and share top reasons your customers don’t love you. […]

Live Chat Customer Service

10 Phrases that Help Improve Live Chat Customer Service

Your customers are the reason why you are still in business and your main task is to provide them excellent customer service and make their experience with your brand smooth and pleasant. Experts always say that customer is the king and customer service is one of the key aspects that will affect a sale,  and it’s especially true for smaller businesses. In our previous posts we have already touched this topic and today would like to talk about repeatable phrases which can enhance your personal replies and make providing great customer service easier. Here we have put together a list of phrases that will improve your live chat customer service.    […]

powerful words to say to angry customers

10 Powerful Words and Phrases to Say to Angry Customers

Dealing with angry and disappointed customers is part of any customer service workflow. Not always customers are happy and satisfied. Sometimes we have to face frustration and disappointment. What to say to angry customers and how to deal with them should know any customer support agent. This skill is must have for any person who works in customer service. In this blog post I would like to share most powerful words and phrases which will help to deal with angry customers and defuse any conflict.  […]

customer analytics

10 Facts You Should Know About Customer Analytics

Customer analytics are essential for improving customer experience across all channels. If your goal is to approach your business from a customer-centric perspective you need to know who your customers are, what they do on your website, where they experience issues ad what kind of content they expect to see. No matter how good your customer service is, you should constantly improve it. Customer analytics will give you insight into the customer experience and help to improve it based on various customer data. The following facts will explain why customer analytics really matter.  […]

customer service mistakes

10 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

If your customers were not satisfied with the customer service provided they will unlikely return. Moreover, they can spread the word among their friends about your brand’s failure. It is not always necessary to attract your customers by offering them various bells and whistles. Instead, you can win their loyalty with help of awesome and memorable customer experience. However, the way to it is rocky and full of obstacles. Even one negative experience will be enough to spoil your brand reputation. In this blog post I would like to tell about most popular customer service mistakes brands make and how to avoid them.  […]

retail customer service

5 Ways to Provide Excellent Retail Customer Service

Providing positive retail customer service is vital today. This will not only help you stand out from the competition but also attract new customers who came to you because of positive reviews or word of the mouth.

Definitely customers expect quick, accurate and efficient retail customer service. However, they also want to get positive human approach no matter where they purchase – online or in-store. Today customer service has become a key differentiator for many businesses who decided to invest in improving customer experience. Their customers stay with them and demonstrate loyalty not only by making repeat purchases but also by sharing positive reviews. 


enhancing customer experience and customer service

Top 5 Ideas to Enhance your Customer Service and Customer Experience in 2019

2018 has been productive and successful for those companies that made customer service their main priority and invested in it. According to Aberdeen there is a 92% retention among companies with a well-crafted customer service approach. Personalization is the key to success. Each customer interaction should be positive, genuine and focused on treating each engagement as a unique conversation. Customer service will remain a top priority for businesses in 2019. 


customer complaint

7 Positive Facts about Customer Complaints

Not always poor customer service leads to customer complaints. There can be other issues behind this. In fact, according to NewVoiceMedia faced with poor customer service

  • 39% of respondents indicated they’d never use the offending company again
  • 37% would change suppliers
  • 36% would write a complaint email/letter  […]