Chatbots: their Advantages and Disadvantages

chatbots vs live chat agent

People got used to make online shopping whenever it is convenient for them and expect to receive fast and efficient customer service. According to the State of Chatbots Report, 2018 55% of respondents say they would most enjoy getting an instant response and answers to simple questions from a chatbot. This allows them get an immediate answer instead of looking for it in a knowledge base. And still 43% of people prefer to deal with a real-life assistant than a chatbot. Let us try understand why this happens and what are advantages and disadvantages of chatbots.


Chatbots help quickly find answers in KB

They are exceptionally useful when the nature of customer inquiries is simple are repetitive. According to The State of Chatbots Report, 2018 55% of respondents say they would most enjoy getting an instant response and answers to simple questions from a chatbot.

AI learning chatbots can help customers with their purchases

AI learning chat bots can be trained to handle complex queries and assist customers with their purchases. Yet, according to The State of Chatbots Report 30% of internet users worry that a chatbot would make a mistake, such as purchasing the wrong item or making the wrong reservation.


A chatbot can be set to assist your customers in any language while human agent will need to use translator or you would need to hire a larger team to assist in specific languages.


While human live chat agents can handle up to 6 chats concurrently, chatbots can handle higher load. This will not affect their responses quality and speed.

Fast response time

Chatbots will reply without any delays, they are never busy and do not have problems with handling several chats concurrently. Additionally, nothing distracts them.

Available 24/7

Customers like having their questions answered whenever they contact customer service. Chatbots allow providing such type of service. They are always available and ready to assist. However, you need to ensure that your chatbot is smart and will be able to handle various queries. In case this is a simple assistant, it will be better not to leave it online as your customers will be frustrated if they do not get responses.

Cost effective

Taking into account all above mentioned advantages, we can definitely say that chatbots are cost effective, they understand multiple languages, handle several chats concurrently and are available 24/7. However, never fool yourself with those advantages, invest in this tool development to keep up with the times and stay ahead of the competition.


Do not understand wrong spelling

Chatbots are quite sensitive to wrong spelling. Even a simple typo can confuse them. Nevertheless, this issue is being solved and more sophisticated chatbots easily cope with wrong spelling.

No human touch

Lack of empathy and human touch makes chatbots useless when it comes to complaints and dealing with angry customers. No matter how sophisticated the bot is, it will never apologize properly or acknowledge a mistake. In such situations trained live chat agents need to continue conversation and deal with the issue.

Can answer only specific questions

For complicated cases chat bots are also useless, as they can handle only simple tasks and provide answers they have in the database. If the question is too complicated, the bot will come to a dead end and customer service quality will be affected badly.


According to Econsultancy, 79% of consumers say they prefer live chat functions because they don’t have to wait on hold and get their questions answered immediately. They also value great customer service and become loyal to those businesses where they get excellent experience.

To offer great experience and fast customer service you need to find the right balance between using chatbots and human live chat agents. Whenever the bot does not know the answer or the situation requires proper handling, it becomes necessary to pass the chat to the hands of professional. What do you think about using chatbots? You are welcome to share your experience in the comments to the post.

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