Customer Service Etiquette Cheat Sheet Whitepaper

Live chat support has become an integral part of customer service workflow. As well as phone support live chat customer service has its own etiquette and rules. In the modern age of digital technologies and rapid growth of AI, it is vital to remain human and offer personalized customer service. In this white paper, you will find lots of useful tips with examples which you can use in your everyday live chat customer service workflow.

How not to sound robotic

If your customers ask “Are you a human or a robot?” question this means you are doing
something wrong. Robotic responses lead to deep dissatisfaction, frustration and
disappointment. Thus growing customer discontent may develop into poor customer service
reviews and customers leaving to competition. Just a few friendly phrases will show your
pleasant attitude:

  1. Make your communication more personal. Live chat software allows collecting such
    important details as name, email and other information that will help to personalize your
    chats. “David, could you provide more details about your issue? I see you have already
    contacted us, is this the same issue or of a different nature?”
  2. Avoid using predefined responses when it is not necessary. Canned responses are
    great when you need to provide some general information your customers request.
    However, they may sound robotic if you use them too often.
  3. Remember that in today’s customer-centric world, support should carry the core qualities
    empathy, efficiency and sincerity. Just ditch the script and be honest with your

Download our white paper to get more useful examples of customer service responses: