Happy Employees Make Happy Customers: How to Achieve This

Happy employees lead to happy customers, image from rawpixel.com

Every modern business no matter their size is turning head towards customers. The main goal is making a customer central to all business policies as well as processes. However, customer centricity does not mean just making customers happy. This is about changing and improving company’s bottom line and focusing on customer needs during the whole customer journey.

In fact, a research by Deloitte reveals that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable compared to companies that do not focus on the customer. However, before you start rebuilding your business processes to make them more customer-centric, think about people, who communicate with your customers and who can make them either happy or dissatisfied. These are your employees, who face customer service challenges on a daily basis and who bear the burden of your limitations and policies. The first step to making your customers happy is to create the environment, where your employees will be empowered to make decisions and feel satisfied after doing great job.

Make training part of your company culture

Proper customer service as well as leadership training will transform the whole customer service at your company. CSR (customer service representatives) require certain skills which they can acquire during the on-boarding and soft-skills training. Moreover, your corporate training should not be limited to the on-boarding training. There should be seminars, brainstorm meetings which will help your employees not only get new knowledge but also share their experience with co-workers. Such meetings shape your company’s customer service culture and your employees have a chance to show their success level.

Moreover, your customer service managers also require proper training to understand the needs of their department and properly address them. You can have the best CSR, but if they are heavily loaded with phone calls or live chats they just cannot provide great customer service. Such situation will lead to failure. In this case neither your employees nor your customers are happy. On the other side, if you invest in finding the right customer service strategy and adequate equipment and software to serve customers speedy and seamlessly throughout all channels, you will quickly notice happy employees and increase in customer loyalty.

Work on your policies to make them customer-centric

How many times did your CSR have to refuse your customers referring to your company policy and rules? By making your policies transparent and easy to understand, you will make another step towards customer-centricity. Both your employees and customers will be happy to get rid of another obstacle on their way.

Make customer experience your priority

Modern customers expect not only smooth but also personalized customer experience. To provide such experience you need to analyze your customer data to understand who they are, why they use your products or service. Blake Morgan published a list of the most customer-centric companies of 2019. Each company developed its own approach and offers excellent customer experience. For example, Amazon is constantly using innovations such as easy returns or one-day shipping. With help of technology and creative approach they win customer loyalty and stay on top for their great customer service.

Empower your employees to make decisions

CRS need to feel assured they are trusted and have appropriate power to resolve customer issues without passing them to management. Any delay in solving a problem may lead to dissatisfaction. However, if your employees are empowered to resolve customer needs and provide the best service possible at their own discretion, they will feel satisfied and happy after doing an excellent job. The same will feel your customers after seamless and pleasant experience with your company.

Create accountability among employees

Let your CSR take responsibility for whatever they do, their mistakes and failures. If they are more engaged and take the “ownership”, they will faster acknowledge their errors and focus on correcting mistakes and learning from the experience.

However, such approach requires solid and consistent leadership that helps not only develop accountability but also rewards corresponding behaviors.

Recognize and reward your employees’ success

To keep your employees happy and retain top talent you need to recognize and reward them effectively. Only happy employees lead to happy customers. One of the most important facts you should never ignore is desire both of a simple technician and experienced manager to have their work recognized and efforts they put for the success of your business appreciated. Proper employee recognition not only makes them happy but also motivates to continue working with the same passion.

Modern customers actively discuss on social media brands, services and their experience. The way you serve your customers will influence the level of your brand trust and loyalty. In any customer-centric company employees are happy and satisfied with their job because they see thankful customers who enjoyed their experience with a brand. As a conclusion I would like to mention that you will never build customer-centricity in your company without creating your company culture and hiring managers and customer service representatives who will understand and follow it. How do you make your employees happy? Share in the comments to this post.

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