Holiday Season Customer Service Tips for E-commerce

When Holidays are coming, the number of customers who actively search for discounts and holiday offers increases. If you want to succeed you need to get ready and prepare a customer service strategy for your business. For e-commerce this is the busiest season of the year and the chance to win lots of new customers. Why not to meet it with joy in heart and plan in place? Our customer service tips for e-commerce will help to get ready for this special time of the year.  

Optimize your schedule

Ensure your customer service team covers most busy hours and there are enough representatives to handle customer queries. Otherwise your team will quickly get tired and will not be able to provide exceptional customer service. Going the extra mile for staff that is scheduled to work will ensure that you always have enough employees available when you need them.

Hire seasonal employees

Large corporations like Amazon hire seasonal employees to handle shopping rush and create special holiday atmosphere in their stores. Even if your business is not that large you may consider hiring more employees who will help you offer excellent customer experience and deliver all purchases without delays and errors in orders.

Synchronize customer service with the rest of the company

No matter how efficient your customer service team is but if you don’t deliver on time, the effect of excellent customer service will be lost. Ensure that all departments can handle shopping rush, empower them with the right tools and hire more employees to help them.

Monitor shopping cart abandonment

It always disappoints when after filling the shopping cart potential customers abandon it. Ask yourself, what could prevent them from buying? Was the checkout process confusing, shipping fee too high or return policy unclear?

Train your team to deal with disappointed customers

There are always angry or disappointed customers as it is not possible to meet all expectations. However, you can train your team to deal with difficult customers and find win-win solutions. Moreover, such skills are valuable during shopping rush as human errors or delays on the side of delivery services may occur. An ability to find solution and get a positive feedback will help your team not only survive but also win loyal customers who will stay with you and come to make purchases next time.

Take care of your team

Your team can make this holiday season or break it. The outcome depends on you. If you want to boost your sales and increase profits, ensure your employees are protected, not on overtime and do not work under pressure. Happy employees will make your customers happy.

Stay flexible

Stay flexible and offer various options for your customers to make payments or have their purchases delivered. Do not stick with specific payment method or delivery service. Offer your customers a possibility to choose whatever fits them better.

Use social media to engage prospects

Your holiday social media content may attract more customers, so make it engaging and ensure that your customer service team can cover requests posted through social media channels. If you share great content, you need to offer great customer service. The decisions made after clicking an advertising post are spontaneous. If something goes wrong during purchasing process, the customer may not come back to make the second attempt.

Have a quick emergency plan ready

Prepare an emergency plan that will give your employees valuable hints how to behave if unexpected issues happen. It is very important to have such a plan at their fingertips and let them contact the right people.

Say “Thank you”

Holiday time is the time of miracles, happiness and great mood. Keep both your employees and customers happy during this time. Additional “thank you” bonus for your employees and discounts for customers will make their day and raise their spirits.

If you followed through this list of customer service tips for e-commerce, you are ready for the holiday rush and providing excellent customer service during high shopping season.

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