How Customer Service and Marketing can Work Together

How Customer Service and Marketing can Work Together

Customer service and marketing have more in common than we used to think. While marketing department focuses on bringing new customers, the main task of customer service department is to retain them. According to Kolsky 11% of customer churn could be avoided if the business simply reached out to the customer. Moreover, statistics by Gartner shows that churn can increase by up to 15% if businesses fail to respond to customers over social media. This information shows how important is close collaboration of customer service and marketing. Keep reading to learn how both these departments can work together to achieve mutual goals and improve customer experience.

Creative content ideas

Regular and consistent content creation is very important for any marketing campaign. However, the source of creative ideas can quickly run dry. This is where your customer service team can become really useful and share their valuable knowledge.

Customer service representatives can help get a deep insight into customers’ issues. Additionally, they can explain what kind content will better address the problems they are facing. Regular brainstorms and close departments collaboration can lead to really creative and valuable content that your customers will love.

Social media customer service

Customers are often looking for fast responses on social media channels. This way, by using these platforms not only for marketing purposes but also for providing social media customer service, you will increase both the response time and the overall customer satisfaction rate. However, this is your customer support department that was trained to handle customer issues and provide professional assistance. Hence you need to ensure that both customer support and marketing teams work closely together to assist customers on social media.

Though the function of managing your businesses’ social media account belongs to your marketing team it does not mean that employees from other departments cannot be involved. Modern social media channels are used not only for marketing purposes. Customers look for assistance there or leave feedback about their experience with a brand.

Improve customer experience

When marketing team gets new customers in the door, the main task of customer service department is to keep them there and provide excellent experience. Outstanding customer service makes a client feel special and unique. This in turn leads to stronger customer relationship and loyalty.

Moreover, when two teams are better aligned, this can help set clear customer expectations and avoid misunderstanding as well as misleading in marketing campaigns.

Customer service knows your buyer persona

Who are your best customers and how they use your product or service? No one knows this better than customer service team since they have the most contact with your ideal customers and understand their way of thinking. They can add valuable insight into your buyer personas and help marketing team to answer lots of questions about customer needs, expectations and interests.

Understanding buyer personas is critical for creating effective marketing campaigns. Thus close collaboration of departments will help better understand customers and meet their expectations.

Better results through close departments collaboration

If delivering excellent customer experience is the main goal of your company, everyone wins and the company as a whole succeeds. In this case customers expect outstanding service on any stage of their interaction. A bad experience with one department will lead do dissatisfaction and can lose your company customers. To keep customers happy it is important for all departments to value customers and provide them excellent service on every step of their journey.

Great customer service stories

No one knows your customers better than your customer service team. They know which customers are happy and will be glad to provide testimonials and positive reviews. Close relationship with customer service team will help gather great stories and share them on social media.

By working together customer service and marketing can achieve outstanding results for both teams. First of all, that is increased word of mouth marketing and lower average servicing costs. Though it may be challenging at the beginning to find the right tools and balance between your customer service and marketing, the effective collaboration of these teams will lead to success. Do your customer service and marketing departments work together? Share your tips and tricks in the comments to the blog post.

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