How to Achieve Creativeness in Customer Service

creativeness in customer service

“Customer service is not a department, it must be practiced at all levels of the company” – Shep Hyken

When I started my first job as a customer service representative, I had to follow strict policies and had a long list of instructions. Just a few companies focused on creativeness in customer service at that time. Many years have passed and a lot has changed since then. First of all this is the importance of customer service. Now companies need to put the customer first and provide excellent experience if they want to stand out from the competition. In addition, customer service agents are empowered with various tools which both facilitate and streamline their workflow. They can faster and better assist customers with help of technology and follow them throughout the whole journey.

However, it has become harder to WOW the customer as companies reproduce successful methods of their competitors and follow examples of customer service leaders. Still there is a great chance to WOW your customers by developing your own creative approach.

Happy employees will make your customers happy

Happy and friendly atmosphere will help your employees develop creativity. Here are a couple of recommendations to implement this technique:

  • Make your policies transparent
  • Empower your employees to make decisions
  • Make communication between departments easy and straightforward
  • Organize daily brainstorm meeting and discuss complicated and interesting cases
  • Encourage your customer service stars

Keep in mind that customer service agents who work under strict limitations cannot think out-of-the-box and will never WOW your customers.

Recognize your customers

Loyal customers are important for any business. By recognizing them you will make their experience pleasant and memorable. No matter what communication method they use to contact you, it is important to greet them by name and have their orders information and communication history at your fingertips. This will help give excellent recommendations and eliminate unnecessary questions or explanations from their side.

Be available right here and right now

With help of live chat software you can stay available to your customers whenever they need and eliminate the necessity to call your support. As most people will go to any length to avoid a phone call with a customer support agent. By offering your customers an alternative, you will let them chat with you wherever they are without a necessity to make a call and listen to your IVR.

Moreover, live chat can be easily accessed from a mobile phone and will help you see browsing history and the items shopping carts. If you are looking for live chat software, Provide Support is a very affordable solution with rich set of features, smart design and easy integration process.

Find the balance in using technology

Modern customers while browsing website expect a certain level of innovations. Before contacting your customer service agent, they will try your self-service options. A convenient FAQ section and knowledge base will not only make pleasant impression but will also facilitate your agents’ workflow. However, you need to find the right balance between using artificial intelligence and human support. Not all customers will like bot responses if they expect talking to a human representative. You need to make it clear and easy to talk or chat with your customer support agent.

Involve CEO in customer service

This does not mean that CEO should handle customer service cases and respond customers during certain hours. However, there are situations when a response from CEO may change the situation and WOW the customer. It should not be limited to communication with a dissatisfied customer when it is necessary to bring an apology. It can be also a thank you note to a loyal customer or a comment on social media under a positive review. Such approach makes your customers feel valued and show that your company cares about customers and values them.

When comparing two companies with the same products, customers will choose the one where they get excellent customer service. If you want to stand out from the competition, develop your creativeness in customer service, be attentive to details and remain professional no matter what happens.

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