How to Provide Effortless Customer Experience During the Pandemic?

Effortless customer experience

While businesses started opening back, this does not mean everything will be again as usual. To survive, brands will need to adapt their customer experience to changes in shopping behaviors. There is no going back to how it was anytime soon. The resent McKinsey research shows that consumers prefer stay-at-home purchases and do not hurry back to malls and brick-and-mortar stores.

Retailers offering effortless customer experience start winning new customers and quickly adapt to new market rules. On the other side, without seamless and simple e-commerce experience it is hard to keep customers looking for safe online shopping. These 3 ideas will help businesses deliver effortless customer experience during COVID-19 pandemic:

Be clear about your safety standards

According to Medallia Zingle report 79% of consumers will seek out information on the type of health and safety standards and processes business have in place before visiting them. Keeping customers and employees safe is more important than keeping all stores open during the pandemic. Still, customer-facing businesses need post clear safety guidelines that include wearing masks, cleaning processes, payment methods and social distancing. However, while creating rules and protocols, never violate them yourself as this will create opposite effect and will show that your safety measures cannot be trusted.

Provide digital customer experience

The process of switching from in-person customer experience to virtual one is not fast and simple. However, during pandemic this should be done quickly and painless for customers. Thus, investing in modern digital technologies such as AI powered searches, personalization, predictive analytics, etc can help create a completely different shopping experience. Technology will help recognize customers, offer them items based on their preferences, assist them in private chat rooms with their questions. Effortless custom experience should be your main priority during the pandemic. You do not need to WOW customers, just make them feel comfortable and safe.

Revise your policies

Your old policies will no longer work during the pandemic. Moreover, your customers will stop dealing with you if your customer service team continues referring them to old policies. They want to have their issues solved without additional effort and spending much time. With those facts in mind, here are a couple of tips to help you build really effortless customer experience:

  • Connect all your departments together. Your customers do not contact any specific department, they try to reach your company. Thus, make transfer process between departments fast and seamless
  • Revise your policies and adjust them to modern pandemic situation
  • Make your employees follow safety rules and standards
  • Transfer as many employees as possible to virtual offices to ensure secure working environment
  • Equip your team working remotely with everything they need for providing excellent customer service
  • Listen to your customers, they will tell you whatever you miss
  • Analyse evolution of other businesses during COVID-19 pandemic and follow the best practices

It’s time to rethink your policies, business and customer service models. Even if you strictly follow safety rules and create confidence, bad customer service will not help to win your customers back. On the other side, effortless customer experience will show that you value your customers and care about their convenience and safety.

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