How to Set the Right Live Chat Conversation Tone

live chat conversation tone

Personalization together with a friendly and natural tone are key to the great live chat experience. While chatting with your customers online only your conversation tone can make the right impression and either create memorable customer experience or end the interaction on a negative note. However, not only words and phrases you use matter, your chat window should have a user friendly design and work from any device. Let us examine a couple of cases which will help to set the right live chat conversation tone.

Live chat greeting

With greeting you make the first impression on the person you are chatting with. Customers like to be recognized and personal greeting will help to choose the right friendly tone of the conversation. Greeting your customer by name and having the access to previous conversations and tickets history will help you better understand the issue and provide exceptional customer service.

Conversation ending

It is very easy to end a conversation on a negative note. Instead, constantly keep in mind the power of positive language. Focusing on a proposed solution helps your customers better understand the situation, accept the provided explanation or work around and avoid negativity. For example:

Negative language: “We don’t have any discounts for this product today”

Positive language: “We will have a holiday promo next week, you are welcome to come to our store and take advantage of generous discounts. You can add to favorites the items you like and order them next week”

The power of assertive communication style

Assertive communicators can express their ideas, feelings and needs considering needs of others at the same time. The main goal here is to provide a win-win solution by using positive language and showing empathy, for example:

 “I totally agree that this situation brings you inconvenience. However, may I offer the following solution…..?”

Develop an ability to read a customer’s experience level

The tone of your conversation and words you use really matter. However, if you cannot understand the experience level of the person on the other side, this may lead to frustration and disappointment. For example, if a person you are chatting with has technical skills and you try to explain simple things, this will be waste of time for both of you.

On the other side, if you develop an ability to understand the experience level your customer possesses you will see the difference. Live chat allows collecting information about customers you chat with. This can be either passing details about your customers available in the database or an ability to let your customers fill out the pre-chat survey before they start chatting. By adding a “Position” field to the pre-chat form, for example, you will get the needed information about your customer’s role in the company and corresponding experience level.

A good design does wonders

Customers who use your live chat service expect fast responses and user friendly design. If you provide live chat customer service, ensure that your live help button is visible and chat window works well for any type of device. Complicated and long pre-chat surveys will take much time to fill out and your website visitors will prefer using other communication channels.

However, if your chat window is nice and friendly, has greeting and your live chat agent’s picture, a website visitor will feel comfortable while chatting. Together with professional and personalized approach this will create memorable live chat experience.

What helps you set the right live chat conversation tone? You are welcome to share your ideas in the comments to this blog post.

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