I Want to be a Customer Service Agent

Customer service jobs are often a good start of a career. They are a foot in the door to higher-paying jobs in all industries. However, for some customer service jobs a single desire to become a customer service agent is not enough. They require technical expertise, college education and various soft skills.

In this blog post we will describe most popular customer service jobs as well as hard and soft skills required for them. However, no matter what is the position or industry, the most important customer service skills are patience, self control and ability to listen and communicate. 

Customer service agent

Customer service representative is the catch-all job title for many different roles in customer service. Customer service agents provide information about products or services, process orders and troubleshoot basic issues. Almost all organizations offer customer service, so these jobs are plentiful.

Hard skills

It is important that a customer service representative has knowledge of how the customer-focused service industry works and how to sell a product or service. Additionally, most positions require the use of computers and the ability to type at a quick rate. Knowing several foreign languages will be a great bonus if you work in an international corporation.

Soft skills

Various soft skills like patience, empathy, sense of humor, ability to listen and multitask are required for any customer service job. No matter how perfect your hard skills are, without good communication skills and self control you will never become awesome in customer service. Download our white paper to check the soft skills required for customer service agents.

Tech support analyst

To start working as a technical support analyst you need to know how computers and other related electronics work and how to fix them. You’d need not only understand the systems that you work with, but also any new developments in related hardware or software. Moreover, to work efficiently you need to organize your time and equipment properly.

No matter how good you are at working with machines, you will also need to work with people. The main soft skills required for this type of job are patience and abilities to understand and clearly explain issues. Most of the people you assist will not know anywhere near as much as you do about technical stuff.

Additionally, this type of job requires a great level of self control as you’d be forced to work under stress on fixing issues and help other people at the same time.

Sales support representative

To become a successful sales support representative you need to have high knowledge of the industry you work in as well as products or service you help with. You will communicate with existing and potential customers. For this you’d need to develop positive attitude and high level of self control. Whether you talk to people over phone, chat or write an email, your customers should feel that you are smiling and have warm attitude to them. Here is the list of skills any successful sales representatives should master:

  • product or service knowledge
  • rapport building on a call or chat
  • communication
  • active listening
  • time management
  • qualification questions
  • objections prevention and handling
  • research habits
  • presentation style
  • writing skills
  • trust building
  • storytelling

Social media customer care associate

A social media customer care associate is the person who handles your social media activity. This role involves monitoring an organization’s social media accounts, responding to inquiries, helping to resolve issues and escalating problems to a manager when necessary.

While helping people on social media you need to remember that everything you write may go public. Thus you need to be careful with your posts and comments.

Client service coordinator

Client service coordinators track deliveries, handle orders processing, get other things done as well as resolve customer issues. If you have solid phone skills and can multitask, this job is for you. However, if you feel uncomfortable while performing several tasks at the same time, you will always feel stressed and will not be able to do your job efficiently.

Over to you

Which of the customer service skills you think are the most important for customer service agents? Are there any we have missed? Let us know in the comments!

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