customer service complaints

Handling Customer Complaints Cheat Sheet

“Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business.” ~ Zig Ziglar

However, to convert complaints into opportunities you need to learn how to handle them efficiently. Keep in mind that the main task of the customer support agent is not to make things always right but to show a desire to make them right. Read More »Handling Customer Complaints Cheat Sheet

Customer feedback

9 Best Ways to Handle your Customer Feedback

Handling feedback provided by your customers is one of the most important aspects of customer service. Customer feedback shows your strong and weak sides and suggests where you need to improve. It guides you and influences your product roadmap.

Negative feedback is even more important than a positive one. It shows where you need to revise your strategy and helps you to make your products or services better. In this blog post I will share the best ways to collect and handle insights from current and prospective customers. Read More »9 Best Ways to Handle your Customer Feedback

superior customer service

Your Superior Customer Service Checklist

Most companies believe they provide their customers something unique. However, such kind of uniqueness may be achieved only by delivering customer service that exceeds expectations and lets you be one step ahead of competition.

According to eMarketer, customer service is one of the key aspects that will affect a sale. Especially this is true for small businesses. They need to put much effort to win new customers and retain existing ones. Read More »Your Superior Customer Service Checklist

modern customer service trends

7 Modern Customer Service Trends

Customer expectations continue growing and this in turn forces companies to rethink their approach to customer experience. The development of technology allows companies to automate their customer service, improve it and better address their customers’ needs.

According to Gartner predictions by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent. These days automation is everywhere allowing users to accomplish a wide range of tasks. Let us see how this impacts customer service industry and what kind of customer service trends we can expect in future. Read More »7 Modern Customer Service Trends

poor customer service

10 Shocking Stats About Poor Customer Service

Did you know that 96% of customers said they don’t complain about bad service. Instead, they just leave. On the other hand, American Express survey reveals that 95% of consumers talk about poor customer service with other people.

Bad customer service has negative impact on any type of business. However, small businesses that rely on positive feedback and repeat sales are affected most of all. The excellent reputation they are struggling to win will be ruined by a couple of negative reviews or posts. Large corporations can still survive any kind of negative feedback as new customers will come instead of those who left. However, this does not save them from profit or reputation loss. Read More »10 Shocking Stats About Poor Customer Service

Multi-Channel vs Omni-Channel Customer Service

Pros and Cons of Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Customer Service

Modern customers expect consistent customer experience across various channels. They can start writing on Twitter and then switch to live chat or phone support depending on their needs. At the same time, if you do not offer this type of flexibility, some of them will feel disappointed and frustrated. On the other hand, if you exactly know the amount of requests coming from various channels, have an ability to track and share communication history, you can assign your staff to handle customer service requests without the necessity for your employees to switch from one channel to another. Read More »Pros and Cons of Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Customer Service