How to save customer relationship

How to Save Customer Relationship when you Made a Mistake

Mistakes happen even to the best of us. However, what are you going to do about it? First thing you need to apologize to your customer. Yet, this is not enough. A sincere apology will not save your client relationship. It will just help you make the first step toward sorting things out. In this blog post I will share most valuable tips which will show how to apologize to your customers and what to do to save customer relationship in face of a mistake. […]

angry customer

How to Deal with Angry Customers on Live Chat

Customers get rude or angry for various reasons. However, if you are in business to serve your customers, you may face different challenges and need to learn how to deal with angry customers. The way you respond can make the difference between the customer who will get the resolution or the one, who will never deal with you and leave a negative feedback.  […]

Angry customers

4 Types of Angry Customers and How to Help Them

No business can survive without customers. Thus high quality of customer service is as important as high quality of the products you provide. It’s obvious that failing your customers, no matter how difficult they are, can lose your company a great deal of business.

However, sometimes we deal with customers who act like they were sent from hell and their main purpose is to make customer service team frustrated, worked up and empty. As a customer service manager I have been dealing with angry customers for many years. They don’t want to act like that, but due to some circumstances they do this. Let’s find out why!  […]