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How to Be Successful in Customer Service? Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself and Your Employees

Do you know what customers say about your service and company? Do they like you? If you know the answer to these questions, this means you have your customer success strategy and do not need to worry. However, if you have no idea what customers think about your company and customer service you provide you need to change your customer success strategy urgently. In this blog post we outlined the main points you need to consider when rebuilding your company customer success strategy. Here is our checklist:  […]

customer service training

5 Customer Service Training Tips

Customer service offers companies a competitive advantage that cannot be copied or reproduced. Customers get attracted by unique customer service culture and this becomes in most cases more important than quality or price. Even if your products are of super high quality, but you do not care about your customers, they will sooner or later switch to competition.

Nowadays customer service agents handle not only customer service requests, they are customer advocates. The gap between customer service reps of the past and modern specialists grows wider and wider. This is no longer an entry-level position. Today this is an opportunity to build a career in any company, no matter how big and famous it is.  […]

customer service agents

I Want to be a Customer Service Agent

Customer service jobs are often a good start of a career. They are a foot in the door to higher-paying jobs in all industries. However, for some customer service jobs a single desire to become a customer service agent is not enough. They require technical expertise, college education and various soft skills.

In this blog post we will describe most popular customer service jobs as well as hard and soft skills required for them. However, no matter what is the position or industry, the most important customer service skills are patience, self control and ability to listen and communicate.  […]