The Top Reasons Your Customers Don’t Love You

customer loyalty

Your customers chose your brand and products. However, something gets in the way of the perfect relationship they want. According to Yotpo 51% of consumers said poor product/quality might lose their loyalty and 23% said poor customer service. At the same time 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences. In this blog post we will sum up what creates customer loyalty and share top reasons your customers don’t love you.

They tell you but you don’t listen

We live in the age when customers have no problems with sharing their opinion, feedback and suggestions. However, if you don’t listen and ignore, your customers will feel that you do not care. And why should they do business with you if you do not care about them?

They spread the word but you ignore

Positive reviews make your business stand out from the competition. However, if you do not respond to such reviews and do not reward those customers who post them, people will consider that you do not care and has no interest in having your brand advocates.

They come back for repeat purchases but you do not reward them

Lots of customers feel they aren’t rewarded enough by the companies they are loyal to. They come and purchase but the company does not care and has no interest in raising customer retention level. Consider introducing a loyalty program for your most faithful customers.

You are forgetting emotions

Personalized and friendly customer service this is what your customers are looking for today. If they communicate with a bot or have experience with indifferent customer support agents they will definitely consider switching to competition. Try to motivate and inspire your customer service team to provide friendly customer service.

Your policies are not customer-friendly

Customers expect clear, simple, transparent and effective policy. However, if there are various barriers like customer-unfriendly policy on their way, they will not trust your brand and share their feeling on social media. Unclear policy kills customer trust and loyalty.

You have not made any improvements for a long time

The world does not stay on one place, everything changes and gets improved. Your customers also expect improvements from the brand they are loyal to – new features, products, modern design. In case you do not meet their expectations, they will start looking around for an alternative.

There is nothing different about yourself

Have you ever thought why your customers came to you? Your marketing team made a great job and you were on the top of search lists or you got high rated reviews and consumers noticed you. However, to win customer loyalty it is not enough to be the first on the search engine listing. If you do not stand out from the competition your relationship with customers will end with their first purchase. They will not come back if they do not see something special about your brand or feel that they will benefit from doing business with you and not with your competitor.

Develop your company customer-centric culture, train your employees to follow it, improve your products and services and you will see the difference. The level of customer loyalty will increase as happy customers will become your loyal customers.

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