Top 5 Reasons Why you should Respond to Customer Complaints

customer complaints

Today customers have more power than ever. They can either make your brand famous or destroy it. 53 percent of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week. But 63 percent say that a business has never responded to their review. This in turn creates negativity and lack of trust around the brand.

On the other side, if customers have positive experience and share it on social media, this brings businesses new customers at zero cost. Thus, even if you receive a negative review or complaint it is important to respond to it and solve the issue showing your customers that you really care.

A customer complaint highlights a problem

Each customer complaint you receive shows where the issues is, whether it is your internal issue or a problem with products or services. Investigation together with problem fixing will help to avoid such complaints in future. Additionally, if you respond to such a complaint and show where you improved your customers will like it and feel their important role in your business development.

You show your customers that you really care

Whenever you receive a negative review, swallow your pride and apologize even if you definitely know that your customer is not right. A complaint is normally a result either of misunderstanding or issues from your side. Both cases require thorough investigation.

By responding and explaining the situation you will show your customers that you really care. While bringing such issues to your attention your customers help improve your products and service quality.

You can make negative positive

When you successfully handle a complaint this can encourage your customers to share their positive experience. However, keep in mind that your customers help you fix issues and improve. In return do not forget to offer incentive and thank your customers for their time.

Responding to customer complaints can help your business in the long run

Negative posts about your business can cause lots of stress. Your employees feel that they do something wrong and your potential customers read this and decide not to do business with you. That is why it is important to track any type of review or complaint and respond to it. This will not only motivate your customer service team but will also help your business in the long run:

  • Customer complaints show where you need to fix issues and improve
  • If your customer service team does not perform well and your customers complain, this means you need to revise your customer support and training strategy
  • Close communication with customers will make your relationship stronger
  • If you respond to complaints your customers will see that you do your best to improve and fix issues
  • Successfully resolved complaint is your chance to get a positive review from your customers

Stronger customer relationship and loyalty

Each successfully resolved compliant makes your customer relationship stronger. When your customers contact you this means they are willing to speak. If you listen to them attentively, this will help you better understand their expectations, needs and so on. You will get a clear vision of their behavior, purchase experience and their opinion about your company. As a result you can improve based on their feedback, provide more personalized customer experience and win loyalty of your customers.

Customer complaints are important. They will help you either win loyal customers or lose a lot of them. No matter what kind of complaint it is – a real issue or just a simple misunderstanding you should listen and apologize. Proper issue analysis will help you approach complaints proactively and decrease their number in future. This way you will show that you really care and win your customers’ loyalty. Issues can happen, no business has reputation without a single complaint. But the way you respond and handle your customer complaints really matters. You are welcome to share in the comments to this blog post your experience in handling customer complaints.

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